What Services We Provide

Tiny Toes Academy focuses on each child’s developmental level through observation, play and social interaction. Tiny Toes Academy utilizes Pre-school Creative Curriculum to support our learning environments in the following areas:


The curriculum offers support in logical thinking, learning and problem solving and symbolic thinking.


The curriculum supports children's language development and acquisition and communication through listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Physical Development

The curriculum offers guidance on equipment and materials for large and small motor skill development. It focuses on eye-hand coordination as well as basic locomotor skills.

Social Emotional

The curriculum focuses on building good relationships and supporting peers in play as well as positive role modeling and integration of social experiences into play.

Our Services

Tiny Toes Academy also offers services that support our families in Mental Health, Health and Speech by having specialists in all three areas available on a weekly/monthly basis to assist children and the teachers in the classroom and families at home.

We also offer three nutritional meals throughout the day. A morning breakfast, lunch, and pm snack. Which is all included in our tuition.

Tiny Toes Academy offers transportation to before/after school to the following elementary schools (subject to change).

We do accept CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program) through Denver County.

Tiny Toes Academy offers a summer program for children ages 5 years -13 years. This program consists of three/four field trips a week and a lot of summer play.